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Amparo Carvajal’s fight

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July 24, 2023, 4:26 AM

July 24, 2023, 4:26 AM

Their struggle makes power tremble. Amparo Carvajal is willing to give her life for her ideal: the defense of Human Rights. At 84 years old, she has been on this route for more than half a century. She was able to leave everything: family, religious congregation, even herself, because her thin body is in pain, but remains strong.

On Saturday he left 51 days of vigil to recover the office of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights, his second home. He faced abusive people who invaded the place, who enjoyed police protection and the protection of the government party, but none of that broke Carvajal and he has left with the promise that there will be honest mediation, although there is no doubt that he will return if they fail him.

Many fill their mouths with human rights, very few are consistent with this cause that demands so many claims in the country. Amparo Carvajal has been seen marching with the indigenous people through the Tipnis. Before that, she was next to children, defending her education and thus many social groups that see her rights violated.

What makes this woman different is that her ideal flows through her veins, it is the same blood that keeps her standing, despite so many inconveniences. Of course, that strength, which is not only in the word, but is demonstrated with life, is a nuisance for the powers that only act based on sectarian interests. That feeds her convictions and she becomes an incorruptible and stubborn person to defend principles. Those values ​​are scarce at this time, when you see union organizations dancing to the rhythm of the cycles of power, or corruption invading the heart of public service.

Bolivia needs many Amparos, because the violation of human rights is already common. You don’t have to make a lot of effort to find situations of abuse and lack of respect for people’s lives. For example, the sum of political prisoners whose health is affected without State care. Or also the number of Amazonian indigenous people who, crying impotently, say that they are displaced by invaders of their lands, who do not even allow them to reach the rivers to get their water supply; or the communities bordering the rivers where gold is exploited mercilessly, who drink water contaminated by mercury without the national government doing anything to transform that situation.

There is disrespect for human rights when patients have to queue for hours at hospitals and health funds to access a care sheet, in an obsolete system that is not completely digitized. There is abuse against people when it is seen that schools have become dangerous places for children and adolescents, or when there are so many cases of abuse in homes that are met with the indifference of police and prosecutors who do not process the complaints.

The victims of these violations of human rights see in Amparo Carvajal the inspiration to fight and the hope that someone will play for them by challenging power.

Amparo Carvajal is consistent and has principles. She has shown it and has also managed to curb the abuse of power.

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