Amnesty from Argentina warns about the annulment of abortion in the US: "inadmissible"

Amnesty from Argentina warns about the annulment of abortion in the US: "inadmissible"

The measure is under consideration in the US Supreme Court. Photo: AFP

The Argentine regional office of Amnesty International (AI) warned on Tuesday that if the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the United States to annul the right to abortion in the country is confirmed, it would be before “an atrocious violation of human rights”because denying people access to this intervention constitutes “something inadmissible”.

Banning abortion would force women, girls and people with childbearing potential to have pregnancies against their will, or to seek unsafe abortions,” Amnesty warned.which warned that if what is circulating as a draft of a sentence is confirmed, “more than 40 years of essential protections of the rights of people” in the United States would be annulled.

The executive director of AI Argentina, Mariela Belski, remarked that “obstacles make us stronger” and he put Argentina itself as proof, because “after years of struggle, abortion was made legal.”

In the US, a draft of a future Court ruling annulling the right to abortion was leaked to the pressa text whose authenticity was endorsed by the owner of the body, John Roberts.

“Now, while much of the world is expanding human rights, including the right to terminate pregnancy, the United States is turning back time and putting the lives and liberty of millions at risk. We stand in solidarity with the girls and women of the United States by raising our commitment to the protection of human rights, ”she indicated.

In a statement, the organization clarified that although the leak of the draft “is worrying, it should be noted that it is not definitive and that the interruption of pregnancy continues to be legal in the US.”

Finally, Amnesty stressed that the right to abortion is “a basic need for medical care for millions of women, girls and people with the capacity to gestate.”

“Forcing someone to carry a pregnancy against their will, for whatever reason, is a profound violation of human rights,” concluded the local branch of the organization.

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