AMLO will use the royalties from his book to live after leaving the presidency

AMLO will use the royalties from his book to live after leaving the presidency

In his statement of assets presented a few days ago, President López Obrador reported having received one million 628,717 pesos last year, but did not report any income from royalty concepts for his book “Half the Way.”

In this regard, the president asserted that he will report that income from royalties.

“It is that they correspond to this year, the money. According to the law, they are last year’s income, so this year’s income must be reported. Last year, well, there was little income I had, basically my salary. The book is not included, and some other things, but I think I had income of 1 million 600,000 pesos, something like that, that is what was manifested, the accountant made it known, ”he stressed.

The president, who has written 18 books, commented that “Half the way”, in which he addresses his experience as head of the Presidency of Mexico, the progress and pending in government, is his best-selling book.

“This book must already be close to 500,000 copies, from 400 to 500,000. It is the one that has sold the most so far. There is one called The one who stole the Presidency from us, that reached 120 (thousand). I edited that with Grijalbo, this is Planeta, I changed publishers. For this book, until December, removing taxes, taxes of about 1,500,000 million, I had about 3 million left, ”he detailed.

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