AMLO recognizes that it is necessary to improve security in Zacatecas

AMLO recognizes that it is necessary to improve security in Zacatecas

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He commented that after the day of violence that took place in Zacatecas, it is still necessary to continue working on the state security strategy, although he denounced that said violence grew during previous governments.

“We are working in Zacatecas, together with the state government, and progress has been made, but more is needed. We already have better results than it was, due to the (security) plan that has been applied, it has not been in vain; however, more work is still needed”, affirmed AMLO.

Before the wave of violence that hit the northern entity, the president indicated that the authorities reacted in time, after the attempted escape of inmates from CERESO in Cieneguillas, and commented that “we are not going to stop giving people protection, it is our job.”

On the other hand, the president accused that the situation is complicated because the gangs were allowed to grow for a long time, for which his government is facing the consequences.

“It is not to justify us, but all these groups were created during the previous governments, they arose; they were even protected and more will be known when the trial of García Luna begins in the United States,” said the president.

Investigation of murdered control judge continues

About him control judge assassination of the Judiciary of Zacatecas, Roberto Elias Martinezthe president expressed that he does not consider that it has a correlation with the attempted escape of prisoners from the Cieneguillas prison because his affairs had nothing to do with criminal activity.

“There is a version about a statement that he (Roberto Elías Martínez) made about some murders, as a citizen, because he recounted what happened in his neighborhood; but he was not linked to his work as a judge, ”said López Obrador.

For her part, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, head of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, said that she suffered an attack when leaving her home and that, after being transferred to a hospital, she died.

Also, he mentioned that “a complete investigation is being carried out, the video surveillance cameras are being reviewed, the part of the technical review of the telephone service, as well as the images where the unfortunate events were recorded.

“Various lines of investigation are being followed up and the investigation is being carried out by the State Prosecutor’s Office.”


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