AMLO promises works to connect the Durango community in 2023

AMLO promises works to connect the Durango community in 2023

On a work tour to evaluate the work of the Justice Plan for the Au’dam People, he indicated that the works also include the construction of a new university.

“I make the commitment that there will be free Internet,” he said.

He promised to return to the state of Durango in June 2023 to supervise the progress of the works in both San Francisco de Lajas and Milpillas, a community he offered to visit on that date.

“I think that if I was already here (in San Francisco de Lajas), now I have to be there (in Milpillas), it seems to them. And then, we don’t know, but if I have time to return, maybe we’ll come back here or go to another community, to another town,” he said.

Accompanied by the governor of Durango, Esteban Villegas, postulated by the Va por México alliance, the president also listened to the demands of the population to build a new ISSSTE clinic, a request that he offered to evaluate.

“Tell them that we are going to take into account what they are raising on account of ISSSTE, with Esteban (Villegas), with Zoé (Robledo), although he is (the owner) of Social Security, but he is going to pick up this request,” he said. .

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