AMLO promises to raise pensions and maintain gasoline prices in 2023

AMLO promises to raise pensions and maintain gasoline prices in 2023

President López Obrador stressed that the budget is also contemplated to finish his flagship works such as the Mayan Train and the integration of the Dos Bocas Refinery, the financing of two coking plants, the modernization of refineries and new thermoelectric plants.

The country’s public finances are increasingly pressured by the amount allocated to pension payments, which this year will exceed one billion pesos. Recently, the Secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, said that the agency is under pressure due to the financing costs of the Government’s flagship works.

Next Thursday, September 8, the Ministry of Finance will deliver the 2023 Economic Package in which it proposes to Congress the income and expenses that will be made to the different dependencies.

López Obrador stressed that the 2023 Economic Package will not have new taxes nor will there be increases in energy rates such as electricity, gas or gasoline.

“Gasoline does not increase, diesel does not increase, gas does not increase. We are going to be able to finance all the priority programs, both those aimed at the well-being of the people and we are going to continue releasing funds for development,” he said in his morning conference.

The president stressed that there will be no increase in the salaries of government workers or layoffs. He promised to maintain austerity and save money so he can finance priority programs without going into debt.

“The only thing we are demanding is that everyone continues to help us, that everyone continues to contribute. That they are not thinking that the tax offices know about everyone, all of them. They will not be able to. Raquel Buenrostro is an eminence and is honest,” he said President.

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