AMLO: "I am following the example of the best presidents of Mexico"

AMLO: “I am following the example of the best presidents of Mexico”

The president was about to start his speech, when he mentioned those who, in his opinion, have been the best presidents, and they shouted at him: “you are one.”

But he cut short: “No! The best president was Benito Juárez, the second Francisco I. Madero, apostle of democracy, and the third Lázaro Cárdenas… I am following that example”.

In this area of ​​Chiapas, one of the poorest states in the country, the president reported that since 376 young people with a bachelor’s degree live there and there are 256 schools, a university is going to be built.

“Here, all the schools that are necessary, that is what the budget is for. If they ask me for permission to open a canteen, no, but a school, yes“.

Spanish political criticism

Earlier, on Twitter, the president criticized Spanish political figures for the campaign against the Podamos party.

“Millions of countrymen are going to be angry with my grandfather, but the campaign of the conservatives against the leaders of Podemos is outrageous and outrageous. Let us have faith,” he stressed.

He immediately quoted the poet Machado, in support of the Spanish people. ”In Spain the best thing is the people. (…) In hard times, the gentlemen (…) invoke the homeland and sell it; the town does not even name her, but buys her with her blood and saves her. In Spain, there is no way to be a well-born person without loving the people”.

López Obrador’s questioning is due to the scandal, in Spain, due to the dissemination of audios between politicians and businessmen allegedly to discredit Pablo Iglesias, former leader of the Podemos party, and his denunciation of this strategy.

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