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AMLO denies spying on journalists or opponents

Alonso Urrutia and Emir Olivares

Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday, October 5, 2022, p. 5

Given revelations that the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) acquired the Israeli program in this administration pegasus to allegedly spy on journalists, politicians and human rights defenders, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador rejected the truth of the version, ordered to file a criminal complaint if there is evidence and assured that the military agency conducts intelligence, not espionage, to confront the organized crime.

Yesterday morning, the president confirmed that the government is analyzing the feasibility of founding a new airline that would operate the Army through the company created to manage the Felipe Ángeles International Airport and, when the works are completed, the Mayan Train and the Airport. from Tulum.

In principle, it would be profitable to operate with 10 aircraft, including the presidential plane, he said.

It is not true that journalists or opponents are spied on, we are not the same as the previous ones. I made a commitment that no one would be spied on, no opponent. If they have evidence, let them present it.he stated.

It considered that there are no elements that prove this practice because, in addition to being improper, it goes against our principlesbut they want it to become a scandal to harm us.

–Did you know about this purchase that it is remote monitoring and means espionage?


–Did the armed forces do it without informing you?

-It is that they have intelligence work, not espionage, which is different. We do not spy on opponents. What our adversaries are looking for is to make us equal to those who previously governed and we are not the same.

The president asked to go to the Attorney General’s Office to denounce and present the evidence and offered that the Army would report on this team.

He argued that this is a new campaign against his government, financed from abroad, by the United States government, which provides resources to some civil organizations, as well as by those in Mexico who did not pay taxes.

The new airline, by 2023

Regarding the military airline, he reported that two weeks ago he received the project. It is very likely that by next year this new airline will be ready. There are many places that cannot be reached by plane because they are not served by current lines. There was a decrease, not only was it Mexican, but also Interjet, and Aeromar flights have been reducedhe explained.

– Is it contemplated to use the presidential plane?

-And the presidential plane is contemplated. In other words, deliver it to the company that is going to handle these 10 planes, which are not going to be acquired, but rented. It is looking for what type of plane is the most convenient, with which companies. The debt owed to the presidential plane would be absorbed by the federal government, since ultimately it is a national asset.

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