AMLO commits in Sonora: "let's keep looking" to the disappeared

AMLO commits in Sonora: "let’s keep looking" to the disappeared

Governed by the morenista Alfonso Durazo, who took office at the end of 2021, Sonora shows an upward trend in crimes such as intentional homicide, extortion, kidnapping, home robbery, theft in transport and vehicle theft.

The president’s tour this weekend has the objective of supervising the justice plan for the Yaqui peoples, which includes the recovery of lands that were taken from them, as well as compensation and even the rehabilitation of an irrigation system.

There, he verified the progress of the construction of the aqueduct that began in 2021 and whose completion is scheduled for December 2023. The work will run from the El Oviáhic dam in Cajeme to Las Guásimas in Guaymas.

The aqueduct that will pass through the eight towns of the Yaqui community and the 50 communities that comprise it, will have a total investment of 2,191 million pesos.

Heading the justice plan for the Yaqui people in the Traditional Guard of Cócorit-Loma de Guamúchil, in Cajeme, he authorized that the 30,000 hectares be paid as soon as possible so that their lands can be restored to this ethnic group.

President López Obrador endorsed his government’s commitment to clean up the corruption in the country, so that the resources reach more Mexicans. “There is still dust from that mud, but we are persevering and we are going to continue cleaning the country of corruption, purifying public life,” said the federal Executive.

From the Loma de Guamúchil ejido, López Obrador offered to continuously visit the Yaqui communities, an ethnic group that has been the most mistreated in Mexico and in the world. “I am going to be president if the creator and nature so decide until the end of September 2024, but I am aware that we must finish everything committed by December of next year at the latest,” he explained.



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