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AMLO asks to cover all the hypotheses in the attack against Gómez Leyva

Emir Olivares and Alonso Urrutia

Newspaper La Jornada
Tuesday December 20, 2022, p. 9

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported yesterday that he gave instructions to find those responsible for the attack against journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva, which occurred last week.

Yesterday morning, the president stated that in the case it is necessary to consider all the hypotheses: from the fact that the attack could have been carried out by an organized crime group to the fact that sectors of the opposition planned it and carried it out as part of a plan to destabilize the public life of the country and thereby harm his government, which, he stressed, it is not repressive.

If this second option is confirmed, it considered that it would be a vilenessalthough he stated that it would not have an effect because the public is very aware.

Thus, he reproached the actions of several communicators: “Ciro is unfortunate, because you cannot make conjectures. That is why I am asking that the investigation be done in depth and that all hypotheses be explored. But let’s see, (Jorge) Ramos, Denise (Maerker), (Joaquín) López-Dóriga, Carlos Loret (among others), what did they say when they murder a journalist in Chihuahua (Miroslava Breach) at close range? What did they say when they assassinate a fellow journalist in Culiacán (Javier Valdez, both correspondents for the day)? Was there such a demonstration? What did they say when they torture (Israel) Vallarta on television? Any. What did they say when they censored Carmen Aristegui? What did they say when they censored and (José) Gutiérrez Vivó had to go into exile because he requested asylum in the United States? Did López-Dóriga, Ciro, Denise, Jorge Ramos say anything?”

López Obrador recalled having differences with these journalists, but guaranteed that they will respect their work, because in the current government we are not repressors (…) We came here to put an end to injustices and to make freedoms a reality and they know it. That is why I would recommend that you no longer make a fool of yourself, because you are not going to achieve anything; on the contrary, they are going to continue sinking into the swamp of lies, of the underworld of journalism because, the truth is, it is very low to take advantage of this unfortunate situation to campaign and blame me (for the attack). No, I don’t have conscience problems.

He indicated that he has asked the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, and the head of the capital’s prosecutor’s office, Ernestina Godoy, that they go thoroughly, that we do everything to find out what happened, who participated, who ordered it, for what purposes.

The head of the Executive once again expressed his solidarity with Gómez Leyva and ruled out that for the moment the Attorney General of the Republic attracts the investigation, since he considered that the local justice instance is trustworthy and its owner (Godoy) is a woman incorruptible. I have all the confidence, but yes, (you must) go to the bottom.

The poorest they are loyal

He also revealed that in the meeting he had with businessmen a few days ago, Claudio X. González Sr. asked him, on very good termsWhy was he betting on polarization and not on unity? Lopez Obrador responded that it was not polarization, that it was politicization, to begin with, because quantitatively the majority of the people were in favor of the transformation and those who were not in favor, although they deserved our respect, were a minority.

He also recounted that he told the businessman that the transformation of the country cannot be achieved with the support of businessmen, journalists, organic intellectuals, of the political class nor with those of the red circle, but with that of the people. That is why he is committed to helping the poorest, first for humanism and, second, because they are loyal.

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