AMLITIO, Supreme Court and Legislative Power in #LaSemanaResumida

AMLITIO, Supreme Court and Legislative Power in #LaSemanaResumida

THE CORRECT… The opposition was resurrected and the 4T died…

THE BAD… Don’t believe it, it’s a holy mirage…

THE UGLY… Political hatred version all against all…

Russia wants to sit down with Ukraine to negotiate peace… but putting a gun to its temple.

The devastation of several regions, especially Mariupol, hastened a new round of negotiations to reach a ceasefire… of course… as long as Ukraine yields to the Kremlin.

At the same time that Putin extends one hand, with the other he tests a ballistic missile to show that he has a bigger secret weapon to finish off whoever stands in front of them.

The war will continue for at least another week.

fact and fiction

They were told before the vacation. And they were told that André Bretón told us: “Mexico is the most surreal country.”

And yes, reality is stranger than fiction. And that reality is quite crappy as to sing victory.

If you lose in court, you win.
If you win in the Senate, you lose.
If you lose in the Chamber of Deputies, you win.
If you win on revocation, you lose.

And even if you tweet just to live together… They take it to heart and plagiarize your idea… And they also confirm it in the highest gallery…

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