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Ameliano smiles at the expense of an irregular Sol de América

The charming Martín Torres stadium today hosted the closing of date 11 of the Apertura 2022 tournament with the commitment between Sportivo Ameliano and Sol de América.

Entertaining match, very hard fought and tense in wide passages, so much so that the protagonists almost came to blows on more than one occasion, as a result of hard tackles and outrageous claims.

Sol opened the scoring at minute 11 through Iván Cazal. The sprinter entered the area, made a feint and went to celebrate after a powerful and placed shot. Just as exquisite was the tie, the work of Antonio Oviedo, just three minutes later (14′).

The controversy came after a penalty for a foul on Oviedo awarded by judge Derlis Benítez after consulting with the VAR. Argentinian Cristian Gaitán was in charge of the execution, who hit him hard and into the middle to beat his compatriot Luis Ojeda and return the advantage to the V Azulada (67′).

Things got even better for Ameliano because defender Walter Cabrera rose in the area and hit the cross sent by Víctor Ayala with an impeccable header (71′). 3-1 and total tranquility in the local bank.

In this way, Ameliano managed to cut a streak of three falls in a row and with 9 integers he remains in the last place of the contest, in the company of the downcast 12 de Octubre of Itauguá.

For his part, Sol (6th with 14) fell again after triumphing in the previous presentation and feeds the doubts of the board about the squad, considering that he is not capable of sustaining the rhythm even with a new coach.



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