Ambassador Benedetti presented his credentials to Nicolás Maduro

Ambassador Benedetti presented his credentials to Nicolás Maduro

The Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedettimet at the Miraflores Palace with President Nicolas Maduro to present your credentials. During the meeting, which lasted approximately half an hour, both They agreed on the need to resume “ties of friendship”.

Although Nicolás Maduro and Armando Benedetti agreed that these ties must be quickly resumed, mainly due to the well-being of the populations living on the bilateral borderrecognized that it must be an organized process “to make it a success”.

In the meeting there was also an exchange in which Benedetti gave a vueltiao hat to Maduro and the Venezuelan president gave the Colombian Ambassador a painting by Simón Bolívar.

Previously, Armando Benedetti had assured that, after presenting the credentials to Nicolás Maduro, “Relations between Colombia and Venezuela are completely restored.”

After this meeting, the expectation increases about three specific announcements: When will the meeting between Gustavo Petro and Nicolás Maduro take place?when will be the border opening in different aspects such as commercial and When will the consular offices open? in both countries.

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