Álvaro Uribe proposes popular consultation for the health reform

Álvaro Uribe proposes popular consultation for the health reform

The ex-president Alvaro Uribe Velez left on the table a proposal in reference to the health reform of the current president, Gustavo Petro.

It would be, then, the possibility of holding a popular consultation to make reforms to the bill established by the Minister of Health, Carolina Corchoin the House of Representatives, after having described the bill as a “state monopoly.”

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Through his Twitter account, the also former senator of the Democratic Center, during a meeting with party members in Sincelejo, published the proposal, in which he explained what his methodology would be like, according to the magazine ‘Cambio’.

I suggest the party think, with other political forces and community organizations, to propose a popular consultation that protects the mixed and solidarity structure of the Health Regime, that avoids the change towards statism, that maintains the EPS’s and that they are certified”, wrote Uribe.

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Uribe’s proposals for the Petro reform

The politician from Antioquia also specified, briefly, that the popular consultation is one of the points to be developed in the proposal, which would be accompanied by other points directly related to the reform

First, Uribe proposed “a reform to formalize health workers. Formalization helps prevent politicking from continuing in public hospitals with short-term contracts with workers who have to depend on one or another political boss”. Later, he also added that the reform should “improve primary care.”

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Finally, the former president added to the proposals that the reform be “for remote and rural communities. These last two not as an exclusive state monopoly, but as a combination of public and private hospitals, municipalities, departments, compensation funds and EPS’s”.

Uribe closed the statement making clear the intention that the reforms proposed by him favor the Colombian population, but that it does not harm the health care providers that have done a good job.

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“That this consultation imposes a serious mandate on the compensation funds, because some have done well and others have disappointed health.”

Despite the fact that the members of the opposition party expressed their position against the reform presented by Petro, He has also reiterated that the current health system does need to have adjustments, to the point that they will file their own counterproposal in Congressto which was added that of Germán Vargas Lleras.


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