Alpescas urges the protection of fishing resources and the fight against hunger and malnutrition

The Latin American Alliance for Sustainable Fishing and Food Security (Alpescas) urged Latin American governments to strengthen their laws against the illegal extraction of fishing resources, and to implement public policies to combat hunger and malnutrition.

In an extraordinary meeting held last Thursday, June 22 and Friday, June 23, the “Panama Agreement” was approved, with the purpose of promoting the protection of fishing resources, combating hunger and malnutrition, ALPESCAS promoted through its members to approve the agreement to ratify the defense of the integrity and sovereignty of the countries.

This union emphasized the need for governments to strengthen their legislation, “adopting measures that allow adequate monitoring, control and surveillance” to avoid illegal fishing, carried out by vessels “from distant waters.”

Similarly, the international organization urged the countries of the continent integrated into Alpescas, the United Nations Organization and public and private actors to implement “effective policies to combat hunger, anemia and malnutrition”, based on the use “sustainable consumption and the consumption of fishing and aquaculture resources”, a pillar to achieve Sustainable Development Goal #2, which focuses on ensuring access for the entire population, especially the poorest and most vulnerable —including infants—, “to a nutritious, healthy and sufficient diet, putting an end to all forms of malnutrition”.

Alpescas is an international organization that promotes sustainable and nutritious fishing and aquaculture in Latin America, whose actions are aimed at developing a food industry that manages to become a sustainable productive element, promoting employment through the responsible use of resources. hydrobiological resources, in order to achieve their recovery and conservation.

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