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Almost 90% of federal deputies seek reelection this year

At least 451 of the current 513 federal deputies will try to be reelected on October 2, when the first round of this year’s elections will take place. The number, which represents about 88% of the current legislature, is the second highest in the last 20 years, only below the result of 2006, when 491 politicians with seats in the Chamber of Deputies sought to renew their mandate for another four years.Almost 90% of federal deputies seek reelection this year

In the 2018 general elections, 413 federal deputies ran for reelection, and 289 had enough votes to join the current legislature, the Chamber of Deputies reported.

Details on registered candidacies are contained in the Party Information Management System (Sgip) of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), in which site it is possible to verify that the 451 federal deputies seeking reelection represent less than 4.5% of the 10,482 candidates for the Federal Chamber.

In addition to the greater number of federal parliamentarians seeking reelection, 64 deputies are in the running for state governments, the Senate and the Presidency of the Republic, according to the Inter-Union Department of Parliamentary Advice (Diap). Adding the numbers of the TSE and the Diap, it is concluded that only two of the current federal deputies will not contest the election.

State Assemblies

Federal deputies are chosen by the so-called proportional system, in which the candidates with the most votes are not necessarily elected, but the representatives of the party or party coalition that receive the largest number of votes, up to the limit of the set of vacancies obtained by their political group. , according to the party quotient calculation.

State and district deputies, in addition to councilors, who are not in this year’s dispute, are also chosen by this system. In the first case, there are 809 parliamentarians trying to be reappointed in the 26 Brazilian states. In the Federal District, 20 of the 24 district deputies seek to maintain their mandate in the Legislative Chamber.

Among the 451 federal deputies who intend to renew their mandate, 69 are affiliated with the PL, the party of the president of the Republic, who is a candidate for reelection, Jair Bolsonaro. For the PT, 54 federal deputies seek reelection; by União Brasil, 46; by the PSD, 45; by PP, 44; in addition to the other subtitles.

389 of the current federal deputies and 62 deputies seek the renewal of the mandate.

Most of the 809 state deputies seeking reelection are members of União Brasil (79) and MDB (79). The PL and PT each have 77 candidates for reelection, and the PP, 73. There are 679 men and 130 women.

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