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Almost 350 drunk drivers were delayed by the Highway Patrol

The assaults that were perpetrated last Monday, in Caacupé, on Wednesday in Tobatí, where a merchant was robbed of 70 million, after cashing in the bank. And the one that ended last Thursday with the overwhelm and death of a criminal, had the same attack format of the criminals.

The first case was verified a week ago, when a young man with his sister withdrew 100 million from a bank in Caacupé. Two motoasatantes followed them on a motorcycle, and firing shots, reduced both of them and appropriated the money.

In the second episode, a merchant in Tobatí cashed her check for 70 million, and since she left the bank (an assistant was there) she was chased by two robbers who, upon reaching her, and with intimidating bullets, took the loot .thorium

The third was verified in Asunción, in the notorious case in which a man and his son were “altered” by two assailants who, with a firearm in hand, tried to snatch the money they had just withdrawn from a bank. In this case, the robbery was aborted, after one of the criminals was crushed to death, while the other was seriously injured.

The three episodes, traced in their modus operandi, are alerted by the police, as modes of assault that have a growing rate at this time of year.

Advances of bonuses, deposits and withdrawals from companies that verify greater movement of boxes, the common factor is the greater activity in banks. But mainly, the way in which the criminals carry out the intelligence task to know who extracts it, how much, and where it will finally be transported.

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This type of assault, known in Argentina as “salidera”, has been around for years in the country. The questions that unleash are several: Who or who passes the data? Bank employees or guards? Unfaithful employees of companies that carry out the operations? Too much precision in handling this key information leaves no room for doubt that these blows do not arise by chance.

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