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Almost 30,000 delinquent users and G. 80,000 million ‘missing’ for the ESSAP

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Almost 30,000 delinquent users and G. 80,000 million 'missing' for the ESSAP

The approach of two opponents before an OAS commission, to suspend the proclamation of the results of the elections is absolutely inappropriate, since the same observer mission of the European Union and other delegations endorsed and corroborated that the elections were fair and transparent.

The former national chancellor, Eladio Loizaga, was consulted about the presentation made by Ricardo Canese (Parlasurian of the Guasu Front) and Domingo Laíno (PLRA), who requested before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS, the suspension of the proclamation of the results of the April 30 elections.

In this regard, he recalled that both the OEA (Organization of American States) itself and the Uniore (Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations) They participated in the entire electoral process through their representatives, who were part of the observer missions.

The preliminary report of both missions has been categorical, they have not found any irregularities in the elections, the pre-election process has satisfied all the missions, the transmission of data was ratified by both missions, nothing can jeopardize this party, because it was a civic party , as everyone recognized it “reflected Loizaga, during an interview with Universo 970 AM radio.

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He described the presentation as very disturbing in a public sense, in addition to remembering that it is a closed instance and that the missions themselves reported that no formal complaint was filed

He considered that the first thing the Commission will do is keep in mind whether or not the admissibility requirements are metas well as resorting to the reports of the observation missions.

“Is unfair, I think that the Inter-American Commission will have to take into account all the reports presented on the Paraguayan electoral process, which are the bodies that deserve all respect, the European Union and the Uniore, as well as other missions, but here, there was no presentation on the alleged fraud,” he stressed.

In In its report of last May 2, the OAS stated that there are no reasons to doubt the results reported by the Electoral Justice through the TREP and urged that any complaint or disagreement be processed through institutional channels and peacefully.

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