Allure of the Seas docks at the port of Puerto Plata

Allure of the Seas docks at the port of Puerto Plata

Executives from the Taino Bay Tourist Port and the Dominican Port Authority received on the Atlantic coast the cruise Allure of the Seasthe Royal Caribbean, considered one of the largest cruise ships in the world and the largest anchored in Dominican waters.

The director of the Dominican Port Authority highlighted the economic impact that the performance of “allure of the seas”, and the confidence it generates in the cruise sector, managing to position the Dominican Republic in its objective of becoming the Cruise Hub of the Caribbean.

“Based on the fact that each cruise passenger spends about 100 dollars per capita on land, we would be talking about an economic spillover in Puerto Plata of more than half a million dollars. This fills us with pride to see in Taino Bay a dream come true, not only for those who descend from the cruise ships, but also for the people of Puerto Plata, whose quality of life has been impacted by the arrival of more and more cruise passengers,” said Jean Luis Rodríguez .

Harold Sanders, manager of Taíno Bay, stated that these 5,822 cruise passengers is the largest amount they have received since the opening of the terminal and that with the arrival of “Allure of the Seas” The port is within the international threshold with the capacity to receive this type of vessel.

“92 percent of the people on the ship came out to meet Puerto Plata and that speaks of an achievement for Taino Bay and for the province that receives an important economic spill. Of the 5,370 passengers who got off, 1,612 went on a tour, 696 took taxis to different parts of the city, and the rest 3,162 distributed themselves, walked to the historic center and visited the port, leaving on average a little more than half a million dollars just in one day to Puerto PlataSanders assured.

As part of the ceremony to receive a ship that arrives on the coast for the first time, the traditional exchange of plates and keys was carried out with “Allure of the Seas” and with this we certify his first step through the country.

Allure of the Seas, belonging to the “Oasis” class, has a capacity for 6,314 passengers and 2,745 crew members staying in 2,700 cabins. The vessel is 362 meters long by 61 meters wide and has 16 decks, so it is part of the mega cruise ships that sail the seas.

The ship remained for eight hours on the Dominican coast and departed from Puerto Plata at 05:00 in the afternoon bound for Haiti.

Taino Bay is a tourist port, managed by ITM GROUP and supervised by the Dominican Port Authority, which has three docking positions and a passenger center with a capacity to accommodate 14,000 cruise ships, and which creates more than 1,500 direct jobs and more than 3,000 indirect jobs for the entire northern zone of the Caribbean country.

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