Alleged Chinese police station in Viña del Mar: embassy says it is a “service center”

The Chinese Embassy in Chile on Monday ruled out the existence of a supposed police station -of Chinese origin- in Viña del Mar, Valparaíso Region. This, regarding a report by the NGO Safeguard Defenders, in which they denounced the presence of these enclosures in different countries. In a statement, the embassy said it is a “service center” for Chinese citizens.

According to the report by the NGO Safeguard Defenders, China installed 54 police stations -undeclared- in more than 20 countries, including Chile. They would fulfill administrative functions, to help Chinese citizens residing abroad, but according to the NGO, the centers would operate to locate dissidents and force them to return to China.

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In a statement, the Chinese embassy in Chile pointed out that the alleged police base “is nothing more than a service center for Chinese citizens abroad,” it says. Third.

They also pointed out that given the geographical distance and the difficulty of making international trips in the context of the pandemic, “many Chinese citizens abroad cannot return to China in time to carry out procedures such as renewing their driver’s license.”

Along these lines, they commented that a Chinese citizen, identified as Wang Yinle, established in March this year a service center in its office located in Viña del Mar, at the request of the Association of Chinese Overseas of the Municipality of Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The objective was to help compatriots to carry out some procedures on the virtual platform.

“The establishment of such a center is only a temporary measure during the pandemic. As the global pandemic situation becomes stable and control measures are eased, and with the renewal of the online paperwork platform, the Fuzhou authorities have asked its citizens to return to China to carry out these paperwork, and those who have difficulty in traveling, they can directly access the virtual platform”, they added.

In turn, they pointed out that the center stopped working in June. In the three months of service, only one Chinese citizen was assisted to renew his driver’s license, they commented from the Chinese embassy in Chile.

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