Alimenta la Solidaridad has been working for minors for seven years

Alimenta la Solidaridad has been working for minors for seven years

Alberto Kababe, director of Alimenta la Solidaridad, pointed out that in seven years 20 million plates of food have been served to more than 30,000 children

The director of the NGO Alimenta la Solidaridad, Alberto Kababe, explained this Thursday, July 6, that the soup kitchens that began in 2016 managed to evolve into comprehensive spaces “to break the generational cycle of poverty and inequality” with activities aimed at protecting to minors.

“There is more than a plate of food, it is a job to safeguard children with harassment campaigns, psychological help and help with nutritionists,” he added in an interview with the Circuit Hits.

Similarly, he assured that Alimenta a la Solidaridad also stimulated the training of community leaders who help the growth of the places where they live. He explained that in seven years they have served 20 million plates of food to more than 30,000 children.

«It is not only the 20 million plates of food that we have given in these 7 years, but leadership and an organized community have been generated. More than 36,000 children have benefited from this initiative,” she said.

Kababe commented that this program was born and created by Venezuelans, so around 10,000 people have donated money or food to help people. “Solidarity exists at all levels, from how the dining room works (…) and a group of people who have organized outside the country.”

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He commented that you can “sponsor” a child for a month with $22 a month.

He expressed the importance of maintaining information on what is happening in order to extend aid to other regions that need it, as well as reiterating the request for donations to maintain work for the most vulnerable.

Poverty, emigration and intra-family violence are part of the range of factors that make Venezuelan children increasingly vulnerable and put defenders of children’s rights on alert.

“The increase in requests to enter a group home has risen 70% in the last two years, compared to a decrease in the number of group homes,” says lawyer Leonardo Rodríguez, former director of the network of Don Bosco shelters in August 2022.

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