Alias ​​'Roque', FARC dissident leader, protagonist of videos patrolling in Tibú, died

Alias ​​’Roque’, FARC dissident leader, protagonist of videos patrolling in Tibú, died

Uniformed from the Army and uniformed from the Norte de Santander Police in a joint operation discharged who would be the urban leader of the dissidents in Tibú.

Is about alias ‘Roque’with extensive criminal history initially in the former FARC who after the peace process continued to commit crimes as a dissident, under the command of alias ‘John Mechas’.

The authorities point him out to participate in the videos that were recorded and later shared, One of these film recordings was made in the Esperanza neighborhood for the month of June, last Thursday, July 14, another was recorded in front of the Tibú mayor’s office and the Bertrania sector.

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These actions caused a stir among the population and authorities, to the point that the defense minister, Diego Molano, ordered urgent action to be taken by the Public Force in the Catatumbo area.

Thus, last Friday in the facilities of the government of Norte de Santander, a security council was held, which was headed by the Commander of the National Army General Eduardo Zapateiro and the leadership of the National Police, together with the departmental and municipal authorities.

From there, the strategy arose of providing support day and night to the civilian population in Tibú, deploying Army Special Forces and have the accompaniment of both the Police, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Air Force.

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Criminal history of alias ‘Roque’

According to intelligence reports, alias Roque participated in the launching of artifacts andexplosives against the installations of the Military Canton of Tibú, events that occurred on June 30 last.

On the other hand, he was part of the launch of explosives against troops of the Urban Special Forces Battalion and uniformed National Police, attack presented on July 7 of this month.

millionaire reward

Finally, the authorities in Norte de Santander offered a reward of up to 10 million pesos for anyone who provides information for aliases “Lalo” another urban leader of the dissidents in the Catatumbo area.

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