Alias ​​El Wilexis organized a protest against police operations in Petare

Alias ​​El Wilexis organized a protest against police operations in Petare

The protest staged this Monday morning in some areas of the Jose Felix Rivas neighborhoodwas allegedly organized by Wilexis Acevedo Monasterios, alias El Wilexis.

This information was corroborated by agents of the Sucre Municipality Police, Miranda State. According to what was collected by Polisucre intelligence agencies, “they have forced merchants not to open their stores and to go out to protest,” according to the Twitter account of the municipal security force.

These protests, presumably organized by alias El Wilexis, have the purpose of stopping the action deployed by security organizations which are aimed at neutralizing the aforementioned criminal organization, Polisucre said.

As a result of these actions by the security forces, two members of the Wilexis gang were killed on April 22 and six were captured, according to reports.

Apparently, the organization led by El Wilexis is defending its domain in José Félix Rivas, a territory from where they distribute drugs to various sectors of the Sucre municipality, according to investigations. Hence the constant confrontations between the followers of El Wilexis against their rivals grouped as Los Chicorrios, El Diente and La China.

They presume that Richard Canmarano, prosecuted for international drug trafficking, is the man behind El Wilexis, as revealed by José Alberto Socorro Hernández, alias Pepero, a detainee for his alleged participation in financing Operation Gedeon, a plan executed on May 2020 and which intended to displace the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Precisely days before that date, Canmarano escaped from the Carabobo Penitentiary Complex and mobilized Wilexis to distract the security agencies, a maneuver that he carried out through afternoon shootings in the areas of José Félix Rivas.

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