Alias ​​El Coquito abandoned his girlfriend with a batch of bullets for rifles

Alias ​​El Coquito abandoned his girlfriend with a batch of bullets for rifles

Oswaldo Alexander Zambrano, alias El Coquito, leader of the criminal group of the same name, abandoned his girlfriend during a chase and she was captured by members of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), according to military sources.

The detainee is Judith Milagros Peláez Dalias, imprisoned in the La Sabana sector, Julián Mellado municipality (El Sombrero), Guárico.

At that site, agents from the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) spotted a white and green Volkwagen Gol Basi, license plate AA419OJ, which was driven by alias El Coquito.

The officials tried to arrest the subject, but he fled in the Volkswagen until he left him abandoned with the woman on a section of the El Sombrero-Dos Caminos road.

The military detained the couple from El Coquito and seized 43 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39 mm intended for rifles; five 9mm cartridges; a pistol charger and two telephone sets.

The Coquito gang is involved in kidnappings, murders and extortion, according to files.

Dejected Carlitos

The Conas carried out other operations in Guárico, one of them in Valle de la Pascua, where they killed Carlos Eduardo Pérez López alias El Carlitos.

This subject was with members of the Tren del Llano criminal organization in the El Mosquito sector, Leonardo Infante municipality (Valle de la Pascua) where an armed confrontation took place.

After the scuffle, officials collected a Glock pistol, serial AGG499 9mm, and a motorcycle without a license plate.

Also in Valle de la Pascua, but in the Guamachal urbanization, Conas agents captured two members of the “Edgar Mariano and Kenni Meza” group, a cell of the Tren del Llano dedicated to demanding high sums in dollars from merchants and agro-producers so as not to attack their lives, according to research.

The detainees were registered as Jorge Leonardo Garrido (El Morocho) and María Andreina Bastidas (Andrea).

The strawberry

Three other associates of the Tren del Llano were captured in the Salinas sector, Francisco de Miranda municipality (Calabozo), Guárico, in response to criminal investigation No. MP-157774-2022, substantiated by the 27th Prosecutor of the Public Ministry related to a complaint of extortion.

In this case, the detainees are: Junior Alexis Suárez Silva (El Fresa), José Gregorio Ramos Blanco (El Peya) and Adrián Vicente Quintero (Cara e’ Muerto).

The Tren del Llano is a criminal organization that was born in Altagracia de Orituco (Guárico), but two years ago it founded cells in several municipalities of the plains entity.

Apparently, the aforementioned criminal structure was contacted by Colombian drug cartels to establish a safe route in Guárico for drug trafficking.

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