Alianza Pais ve luces y sombras primeros dos años de Luis Abinader

Alianza País sees lights and shadows in the first two years of Luis Abinader

Shadows and some lights characterize the first two years of the government of President Luis Abinader, who, in the opinion of the Party Country Alliance progressively loses the opportunity to implement a true economic model that guarantees a fair distribution of social wealth, guarantees the right to a decent life to the middle sectors, workers and the poor, who are the vast majority of Dominican society.

Citizen insecurity, the high cost of food, the high cost of electricity bills while blackouts are increasing, the inability of many officials to fulfill their responsibilities, the crisis in hospital services and the education system, as well as the lack of will To fully punish corruption and end impunity, are some of the negative points of the current government management.

Also the low public investment in social works that improve people’s living conditions, the lack of real opportunities for women and young people, the failure to keep promises to uphold the rights of Dominicans residing abroad, the maintenance of low wages for workers, civil servants, guards and policemen, while high officials brazenly raise their luxury salaries and a business elite constantly increasing their profits, as well as maintaining an attitude of indifference towards to the fraud against the workers that constitute the administrators of pension funds (AFP).

The negative note is provided in the same way by the latest scandals of alleged corruption of important public officials, whose dismissal is demanded by the population.

As highlights of these two years of government, the opposition political organization cites the prompt recovery of productive sectors after the COVID pandemic, such as tourism and free zones, the increase in exports and international reserves. In the same way, we value the attitude shown by President Abinader to rectify the times that public outcry is expressed against certain government measures.

For Alianza País, the current government has been trapped in a logic that privileges the interests of a financial and industrial economic minority over the welfare of the population.

He specifies that the so-called Public-Private Alliance is part of that vision, and trusts whose projects could end up in a great scam with the State only being part of the losses and never of the benefits, that is, another deception.

In matters of the environment and natural resources, the behavior of the current government has followed the old pattern of the previous ones, having to date little to exhibit in the face of an agenda of problems that increases in the face of the depredation of rivers, mountains, mining plans and the effects of climate change.

“Upon reaching his two years in office, President Abinader’s dilemma is to continue favoring an insatiable economic minority that increasingly concentrates social wealth or to decide to promote a productive development model that better distributes social wealth, creating real opportunities to guarantee everyone a dignified life and rights, as Alianza País would do when reaching power in free and fair elections.”

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