Alfredo Juncá: ‘Technology puts an end to the irregularities that occurred in the process of collecting signatures’

The vice-president magistrate of the Electoral Court (TE), Alfredo Juncá, referred this Wednesday to the electoral process of collecting signatures from the pre-candidates for election positions by free application, asserting that there are enough kiosks and if more are needed, “they are looking for more , That’s no problem”.

He revealed that as of this Wednesday, August 17, the user service center will be extending its hours and the kiosks will now be open 24/7.

Juncá alluded to the complaint filed by the presidential candidate for free candidacy, Gerardo Barroso, who asserted that “oligarchs” are paying activists to collect signatures.

“That is the eternal issue that caused the release of the books as an option for the Electoral Tribunal to give the citizen the opportunity to collect signatures in that way. We had big problems with patronage, with the disorderly way in which they were carrying the books and for the irregularities that occurred in the process of collecting signatures,” he declared.

He added that technology eliminates these problems, “because I am no longer going to have deceased people, or foreigners, or minors signing, so that later we have to purge. The numbers that are appearing in the reports of the process are real numbers and they are refined, and each candidate can leave at the end of the day with the corresponding number of signatures and be certain of where they are in this race”.

Juncá explained that there are certain electoral constituencies where there are less than three candidates, so if these pre-candidates meet the threshold of signatures they have to collect, they automatically go to the round as candidates. Unlike those districts where there are four or more pre-candidates, there will be more competition there.

He stressed that electoral propaganda in this period is prohibited. “There should be no advertising, neither in networks nor in traditional media, they should not be using sweaters and caps to distribute to people, except to their work team,” he specified.

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