Alexander López "got off the bus", will no longer be a candidate for Governor of Valle and continues in the Senate

Alexander López “got off the bus”, will no longer be a candidate for Governor of Valle and continues in the Senate

The Valle del Cauca parliamentarian released the news through his official networks.

Valle del Cauca News.

The political race for the next departmental and municipal elections of 2023 continues to have news. In Valle del Cauca, for example, there has been talk of a long list of possible candidates who would aspire to be the first president of the region, however, Alexander López, one of the so-called strong “got off the bus” to reach the Governorate.

It was the same senator Alexander López Maya who confirmed this information through his official accounts.

  • «…I want to thank all Colombian men and women, the social movements, the youth, the trade union movement, the businessmen, the different movements and political parties, the communities, my colleagues, brothers and friends and the movements of women who have proposed my name to the Government of Valle del Cauca,” he specified in the first paragraph of the statement.

Noting that for different reasons, such as the arrival of the current Government and the policies that have been developed or are in process since then, »I have decided to continue as Senator of the Republic accompanying our fellow President Gustavo Petro and our fellow Vice President Francia Márquez since The congress”.

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