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Alex Saab’s wife denied the arrest of relatives for money laundering in Italy

Esposa de Alex Saab negó detención de familiares en Italia

Federico Parra / AFP

Camilla Fabri, wife of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, denied this Friday the arrest of two of his relatives for alleged money laundering in Italy. the local environment Corriere Della Sera He reported that Arianna and Patrizia Fiore, aunts of the former model, are under the house arrest modality.

«The fake news gain more prominence. This ‘style’ of journalism sounds attractive to some readers and harmful to others. They play tetris, twist, cut and paste words from a context to create a convenient one,” she said hours after the information was released.

A “conspiracy” against you

Fabri, who is in Venezuelaassured in publication in Twitter that is a coordinated and premeditated conspiracy. On previous occasions, she has also denied her accusations against her and her husband, currently imprisoned in the United States for alleged money laundering.

The media pointed out that the fact that the former model, and mother of two girls, is in Venezuela and Saab in a prison distances them from an order issued by a judge for the investigations carried out by the Monetary Unit of the Financial Police of Rome.

Fabri’s aunts, aged 47 and 45, were the only ones that were in the capital of Italy. They were charged with the crime of criminal association and various cases of money laundering, self-laundering and fraudulent transfer of assets.

“It is the conclusion of a complex investigation born three years ago that intertwines the humanitarian aid scandal in Venezuela and the banks of countries willing to hide the immense capital of businessman Saab Morán,” he published. Run Della Sera.

Surrounded by luxuries and irregularities

In 2019, Italian authorities seized €1.8 million and 1 luxury apartment in Rome valued at €4.8 million that would be linked to Fabri, he reviewed Il Tempo.

Investigations established that the property was registered to a company attributable to Saab’s wife. Italy’s tax police had suspicions of international corruption, illegal gold trafficking, money laundering, embezzlement, among other crimes.

Il Tempo affirmed that the young ex-model, who maintained a low-profile life like her husband, signed in 2016 a rental contract of 5,750 euros per month (69,000 euros per year) for a house in Parioli, a luxurious neighborhood of Rome. But he managed to flee a day before a police operation. The authorities suspect that there was some kind of leak of official information.

A disproportionate standard of living

The media indicated that the woman began working in 2012 in the store of a well-known clothing brand and, with model aspirations, participated in a television program. She had a disproportionate standard of living if compared to the income declared to the authorities (1,800 euros per month).

Then, in 2017, and having a modest economic income, bought a Rover Range Evoque vehicle for 54,000 euros. And, a year later, he acquired a building on Via Condotti for 4.7 million euros. According to the investigation hypothesis of the Guardia di Finanza of Italy, the model would have laundered the money of her husband, 49 years old.

Obtaining these goods would have materialized by the movements of large sums of money from the United Kingdom through the company Kinlock Investment, directed by Lorenzo Antonelli, brother-in-law of the Italian model. The funds allegedly came from the Colombian’s contracts with the Chavista government.

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