Appeals court delays decision on diplomatic immunity of Alex Saab

Alex Saab’s defense: they have no basis to support the case

At the hearing held on Friday on the diplomatic status of Ambassador Alex Saab, Judge Robert Scola again pointed out that the US Attorney’s Office has not provided all the evidence on the case.

This was reported by the Venezuelan lawyer Indhriana Parada, a member of the group of volunteer lawyers in defense of Saab, who explained that it was a meeting between the two parties and the judge, in which “they make a general review of the case.”

At the hearing, he explained, Judge Robert Scola once again pointed out that “the US Attorney’s Office has not provided all the evidence on the case that would show that Ambassador Alex Saab he was fulfilling a diplomatic mission at the time of his illegal detention.”

He also stressed that according to the Brady rules, it is mandatory to request “to show all the evidence that demonstrates full knowledge of the diplomatic status of Alex Saab and exempt him from the judicial process and his immediate release.”

According to Parada, in this last hearing “something very interesting happened, the Prosecutor tried to excuse herself by saying that they did not have control among a dozen state departments to collect the information that they must present to Judge Robert Scola.”

“We are at a very important moment in the legal process, basically what we are seeing is that they have no basis to support the case against the Venezuelan Ambassador,” he emphasized.

Judge Scola agreed to a request from attorney Johnathan New for a deadline of August 15 for the US government to compile relevant information from the Department of Justice itself, including the Office of International Affairs (OIA), the Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security.

double kidnapping

Indhriana Parada also expressed that the lawyers refuse “to speak of an arrest due to the violent and arbitrary manner in which the events occurred”, in addition to the extraction operation of the United States from Cape Verde on October 16, 2021, without even notify your attorneys.

“We are talking about a double kidnapping because on June 12, 2020, the diplomat was held in Cape Verde during a technical stop while refueling and was forcibly removed from the plane,” he stressed.

Camilla Fabri asks to support the cause

On Saturday, during a press conference held through digital platforms, in which human rights activists and communicators from Argentina, Chile and Spain, among other countries, participated, Saab’s wife, Camilla Fabri He highlighted his hope and strength “for the truth and for Alex to continue fighting.”

He asked all those who support this cause to turn “rage into strength” and not give up this battle.

Alternative media for the truth

Camilla Fabri celebrated that there is an alternative journalism that defends the truth, against the right-wing media that have contributed with lies to structure the case that is being followed in Italy against her family and stated that “the right-wing media have not ignored the case They have been accusers of the case, they have repeated lies to make them come true, they have created fantasies and monsters”.

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