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Álex Saab appeals decision that rejects his diplomatic immunity

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Álex Saab appeals decision that rejects his diplomatic immunity

The defense team of Venezuelan diplomat Álex Saab, who is being held in a US prison in clear violation of the 1964 Vienna Convention that regulates diplomatic relations between nations attached to the United Nations, appealed this Wednesday the decision of a federal judge in Miami, Florida, USA, Robert Scola, who points out that the Colombian-born official does not enjoy the immunity granted by the Venezuelan State, the basis for the development of the accusation process against him that he faces in the North American country.

The appeal repudiates with arguments the 15-page document in which the judge ensures that Saab could not prove that international law recognizes “immunities” for the charges against him, the judge also ensures that if such immunity exists, “consent would be required” of the State in which he was transiting”, in reference to the arbitrary detention suffered by the special envoy of Venezuela for Iran when he landed in Cape Verde, in North Africa, to refuel the plane that was carrying him to fulfill the humanitarian mission of seeking food for the South American country, this in the midst of the criminal blockade imposed by Washington on Caracas.

After the arrest of Saab in Cape Verdean territory, described as a kidnapping by Venezuela and other African countries that demanded the release of the diplomat, he was transferred to the US in October 2021, in an alleged extradition process that was also gruesome, since at the moment of being retained there was no treaty of that nature between Washington and Praia.

Another irregularity is that at the time of his arrest by the Cape Verde Police, no arrest warrant had been issued against the diplomat.

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