Alerts for storms in the center-west and for intense winds in Patagonia

Alerts for storms in the center-west and for intense winds in Patagonia

Córdoba, La Rioja and San Juan, under yellow alert for storms.

Córdoba, La Rioja and San Juan are on Wednesday morning under a yellow alert due to storms, while in Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego winds are expected from the west sector with speeds between 50 and 70 kilometers per hour and gusts that can exceed 100 kilometers per hour, reported the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

The areas under storm alert They include the lower area of ​​Cruz del Eje and Minas (Córdoba); 25 de Mayo, Angaco, Caucete, San Martín and Valle Fértil and the lower area of ​​Jachal (San Juan) and almost the entire province of La Rioja.

The SMN reported that storms of varying intensity are forecast, some locally strong, which may be accompanied by intense gusts, occasional hail, significant electrical activity and, fundamentally, abundant rainfall in short periods.

For all these areas, values ​​of accumulated precipitation between 10 and 35 millimetersand may be exceeded locally.

Strong winds in Patagonia

In the Patagonian region, the yellow alerts for strong winds cover the entire territory of Tierra del Fuego and the Andean and plateau areas of Güer Aike and Lake Argentino, as well as the Corpen Aike Plateau, in Santa Cruz.

The meteorological agency recommended that the inhabitants of these areas avoid outdoor activities and secure items that can be blown away.

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