Alert intelligence: 40 people anticipate attack in Amambay

The Bipartite Command report indicates that last night, a group of criminals headed by a certain Dogão, a Brazilian national and a fugitive from justice in that country, in complicity with a certain Danilinho, would perpetrate an attack against a person whose data was they are unaware

The alert indicates that a total of 40 heavily armed subjects would participate, who were supposedly touring the department last night, in order to materialize the event.

The Cryo. Rubén Paredes, director of the Amambay Police, explained to 780 AM that it was decided to reinforce security, but fortunately nothing happened, at least so far.

He also explained that the members of the PCC mentioned in the report are well known in Brazil.

The entrance Alert intelligence: 40 people anticipate attack in Amambay was first published in diary TODAY.

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