Alert in Cartagena: only three fire engines are working

Alert in Cartagena: only three fire engines are working

After a video was made known through social networks, apparently by a member of the Cartagena Fire Department, who in the audiovisual exposes the precarious conditions in how the vehicles at the service of emergencies of the agency are found. Help.

The commander of the Cartagena Fire Department, Joel Barrios, said that of the nine machines at the agency’s service, only three work. “At the moment we have nine machines for the cityof which three are working and the other six are damaged. The three that are available still have to be repaired, but with them we are attending to emergencies,” he said.

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Barrios said that they will hold a meeting with the Secretary of the Interior and Citizen Coexistence of the District You will be informed of all the needs to expedite the arrangement of the vehicle fleet at the service of the fire department.

Vehicles have not been serviced for a year. and we have had to fix them with our own resources,” said the commander of the city’s Fire Department.

For her part, Ana María González, Secretary of the Interior, announced that given this situation presented in the fire department, more than $5,000 million pesos will be invested to improve working conditions and infrastructure in the city’s relief agency.

“Today the part is of tranquility for the city. We are going to work faster to carry out the three ongoing processes in the Contracting Unit, for more than five billion pesos, all of this managed by the previous secretary, Paola Pianeta Arango, who left a fairly structured job. In addition, as soon as the resources were reincorporated, the process was resumed,” the official explained.

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It should be noted that members of the Cartagena fire department have repeatedly stated that more stations are needed in the city for better deployment in emergencies. “Five more stations are required. One in the industrial area of ​​Mamonal, one in the north, in the sports arenas, one in El Bicentenario and an aquatic firefighting station to deal with incidents that occur in the 64 ports that we have in the insular area, from Tierrabomba to Isla Fuerte”, Commander Barrios said.

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