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Alejandro Sánchez: The “change is Petro and Francia Márquez” in Colombia

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The senator of wide front and member of the Popular Participation Movement (MPP), Alejandro Sánchez, spoke about the elections in Colombia. They take place throughout Sunday, and approximately 38 million people will elect the next authorities in the first round of the presidential elections.

Because of this, Sánchez expressed and recalled that “he had to accompany Pepe Mujica in the negotiations between the FARC EP and the Colombian government. The agreement was signed, a certain peace was achieved, but it is still lacking. A change is needed to eradicate the causes of violence. Today that change is Petro and Francia Márquez, ”said the senator from the Front.

Gustavo Petro, the leader of the left is the one who currently heads all the polls, has practically assured a place in the second round, but the unknown hangs over who will accompany him in the final stretch, on June 19.

Meanwhile, another of the candidates, this time for the conservative party headed by Fico Gutiérrez, fails to make a mark in the polls; although he appears in second place, Rodolfo Hernández approaches him. Branded as “the candidate of the controversy” or the “Trump of Colombia”, the real estate businessman has approached Gutiérrez threatening his second place in the polls.

This is one of the most heated electoral contests, since there may be a leftist government in the nation for the first time.

The Broad Front and the elections in Colombia

The Broad Front through its Political Table, spoke about the country’s elections. The leftist political force, he said, is “committed to democracy, human rights, and transparency.” He also expressed his wishes that the day in “all its planes, pass in peace, with full guarantees.” So that he “sovereignly chooses the next President of the Republic.” The political force also asks that “the result of such a decision be recognized and respected.”

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