Alejandro Muñante: "I think that at this time there would be 70 votes in favor of the vacancy"

Alejandro Muñante: “I think that at this time there would be 70 votes in favor of the vacancy”

Congressman Alejandro Muñante, from Renovación Popular, estimated that if the put to the vote in the plenary session of Congress at this time, it would obtain the support of 70 legislators.

“I would dare to throw a figure. I believe that at this time, still, there would be 70 votes that the vacancy would have in its entirety “commented to Canal N.

Muñante recalled that this total is not enough to approve a vacancy due to permanent moral incapacity and remove Pedro Castillo from the position of president, since 87 votes are needed.

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Likewise, he pointed out that they are still looking for the 87 signatures to formally present the vacancy motion, to prevent them from starting a procedure again that does not reach the necessary votes.

Along these lines, he questioned that there are congressmen who have stated that they would vote in favor of the vacancy, but do not sign the motion, such as Susel Paredes and other members of Integrity and Development.

“They will have their forms, their procedures. Also perhaps for a personal matter they will say that they sign when they want and they are not forced. The important thing is that there will be many more votes than currently exist in these firms”Munante predicted.


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