Alejandro Cavero announces that a project will be presented to reduce the mandate of Pedro Castillo

Alejandro Cavero: “An Ombudsman that gives its opinion without knowing it only serves to manipulate politically”

congressman (Avanza País) criticized the Ombudsman for rejecting the approval of the report of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations of Congress that recommended filing the complaint against former President Manuel Merino for the death of Y in 2020.

Through his Twitter account, the parliamentarian, author of the approved document, considered that the entity that gives its opinion without knowing “it only serves to manipulate politically” cast “It was never his purpose”.

“This is one of the many reasons why Congress should not stop the constitutional election of the new ombudsman”stressed Cavero, who has been questioned from different sectors for said report.

As recalled, the Ombudsman indicated last Friday that with this decision the Peruvian State is failing in its duty to “investigate thoroughly” any violation of human rights.

“We will evaluate the relevant legal channels to correct the effects on the rights of relatives of the deceased and victims”stressed the Ombudsman on the social network.

With the casting vote of its president, Rosío Torres (Alliance for Progress), the subcommission filed the constitutional complaint against Merino de Lama and two of his former ministers for the deaths of Inti Sotelo and Bryan Pintado in the 2020 marches, as Alejandro Cavero stated in his report.

The vote was held on Friday, June 17, after Cavero’s presentation and a debate in which those who questioned the filing of the complaint asked that the witnesses and relatives of the victims be heard.

In the end, they voted in favor of the file report Martha Moyano, Ernesto Bustamante, Hernando Guerra García (Popular Force), Wilson Soto (Popular Action), Alejandro Cavero himself (Avanza País) and Alejandro Muñante (Popular Renovation).

Against, Paul Gutiérrez, Segundo Quiroz (Bloc Magisterial), María Taipe, Alfredo Pariona (Free Peru), José Jerí (Somos Perú), Reymundo Mercado (Democratic Change) and Jorge Flores (Popular Action) voted..

Faced with a tie of seven votes and the abstention of María Acuña (Alliance for Progress), Rosío Torres voted and with her decisive statement, eight votes were obtained in favor of Alejandro Cavero’s report.


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