Interior Minister rules out resigning due to Juan Silva's escape: "We have no fear"

Alejandro Aguinaga announces that Fuerza Popular will seek to censor Minister Senmache

congressman (Popular Force) announced that its bench will seek to censor the Minister of the Interior, due to the escape of former Minister Juan Silva and other people close to President Pedro Castillo, such as his nephews and former Secretary General Bruno Pacheco.

The parliamentarian emphasized that there is a kind of slowness in the work of the member of the ministerial cabinet in the capture of fugitives from justice, for which he assured that they will seek their departure from the Ministry of the Interior.

We see that there is leniency, passivity and a lot of looking to the side and the criminals escape. Hopefully in the next few days these criminals will be captured and we hope so. This political responsibility forces us, as the first caucus of this Congress of the Republic, to request its censorship.”, he stated.

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In this sense, Aguinaga Recuenco urged Minister Senmache to assume his responsibility as a high-ranking State official and not seek “other people’s faults” for the escape of Silva Villegas, despite the fact that he was under video surveillance.

As a minister you must know how to assume your responsibilities. We want to continue expressing our surprise at this situation, that’s why It is necessary to emphasize to the minister that he must be willing to assume his responsibilities, not to take away his responsibilities or seek the fault of others“, held.

During his presentation at the plenary session of Congress, the head of the Ministry of the Interior assured that in the provision of the Public Ministry that requested video surveillance of the former head of Transport and Communications, there was no express indication of the follow-up measure.

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I read the fiscal provision and its provisions, and at no time do I find that there is an express indication of the follow-up measure. It is not that one wants to be totally purist or legalistic, but throughout the year 2021 and 2022 there are different provisions made by the Public Ministry that are express”, he remarked.

Participation of Congressman Aguinaga in Congress


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