Alejandrina: «No todos los miembros del PLD votarán en consulta»

Alejandrina: “Not all members of the PLD will vote in consultation”

The coordinator of the Organizing Committee of the Consultation on Presidential Candidates (CONAP), Alexandrina Germanconsidered this Saturday that despite the fact that a high participation of the militants and sympathizers of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), not all the members of the organization will participate in the process because they do not consider it of such relevance.

“I understand that there is great enthusiasm and that we will achieve not all the militancy of the party because everyone is not motivated to go vote because they understand that it does not have the relevance that it should have to do the job of going to vote tomorrow, but we hope there will be a high turnout,” said Germán.

Until now, leaders of the purple party have estimated that a participation of at least 800,000 people is expected, despite the fact that according to the president of that organization, former president Danilo Medina, revealed last Monday that the party has 2.2 million people directly or indirectly related to the institution.

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It is recalled that according to the data offered by the political-partisan entity in tomorrow’s consultation, Sunday, around 6 million people can participate, the 2.2 million mentioned by Medina and another almost four million who, according to the Central Electoral Board, do not have affiliation to no party.

It is recalled that the former Vice President of the Republic, Margarita Cedeño, participates in the consultation for the sympathy of PLD militants and citizens who are not affiliated with other parties; the mayor of Santiago, Abel Martínez; the former deputy, Karen Ricardo, and the former ministers Francisco Domínguez Brito and Maritza Hernández.

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