Alejandra Saucedo shows that soccer is not just for men

Alejandra Saucedo shows that soccer is not just for men

November 27, 2022, 9:14 AM

November 27, 2022, 9:14 AM

Alejandra Saucedo (43) is one of those women who changes her dresses and heels for a sports shirt and sneakers. She is a sports lover, inherited from her father and her grandparents, and for this reason she has been working in the field for 20 years, in the media and in the Oriente Petrolero Sports Club and the Bolivian Football Federation.

With all this experience, he was encouraged to go on the air and join the panel of conductors of the sports program The Most Wanted of the World Cup, which will be on the air while the FIFA Cup is taking place, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. 00 to 18:00, on EL DEBER Streaming and on radio frequency 103.3 of the Multimedia Group.

However, behind that overwhelming and strong-willed woman hides a loving mother devoted to her children, Zaira María (9) and Juan Román (2) Mojica, who are her “everything”. Alejandra confesses that she is single and that she believes in love, but “in the one that goes hand in hand and is that she is a partner.”

How did the taste for soccer come about?

I come from two soccer families: my grandfather Elmer Saucedo was one of the founders and the first president of Oriente Petrolero, and my father and my uncles were always involved in the leadership of the same team; while my grandfather Pedro Rivero was a fan of Destroyers, a manager and came to serve as a referee for the Football Association, and my uncle ‘Choco’ was also president of Destroyers. With all this, I can say that I have always had football.

Do you also practice it?

When I was a child I was in soccer schools, I even received an offer from Roly Aguilera to go to the US with a scholarship, but my mother wouldn’t let me. Already at the university, with a group of friends we formed a team, IRU, with which we played every week, although today we only do it occasionally.

Who took you to the stadium?

My dad always took me, I learned to move around the stadium by myself.

And journalism in your life obviously comes naturally.

I was also born among journalists, I grew up around them, but my inclination was always towards sports, I was always involved with sports journalists. Roberto Aguirre and Jaime Galarza were the first to put up with my damaging words and answer all my questions.

How do you remember your childhood in the old Diario Mayor and today Grupo Multimedia EL DEBER?

I have the best memories, I grew up among rotary presses, ink, newsboys, journalists, recipients of notices, clients, with them we saw ourselves evolve and develop. DUTY is part of my life.

Who are you going to in the World Cup?

Argentina or Brazil, always a South American.

You were queen of Carnival, what memories do you have of that stage?

They are the most beautiful memories I have, until today I feel the love of people when they recognize me on the street.

Didn’t you want to continue competing for crowns?

I lacked 10 more centimeters for it (laughs).

Although the new program is your most visible participation in media and networks, what is your previous experience?

I was on television on Red Uno, Cadena A and for a time as a panelist on Tigo Sport, and I also had my time on EL DEBER Radio. Now, the bet is bigger with the streaming of our Multimedia Group and the World Cup.

Do you think there are still stigmas about women talking about soccer or sports? How do you fight them when they touch you?

Thank God I never had problems, I have been involved in the world of football for almost 20 years and I have never felt more than support and collaboration, I have met very good people who helped me a lot, such as Humberto Roca, Carlos Meyer, Róger Bello, Mauricio Méndez, Carlos Guillén or Chino Paz, to name some of the most important.

Why did you make yourself wait to return to DUTY?

I was working in the East and later in the FBF, and that prevented me from being in the media.

Do you feel that it is a great responsibility to carry the surname Rivero and the seal of EL DEBER?

It always has been, we assume the responsibility of taking care of a brand that is a benchmark in its field, we have many eyes on us waiting for us to fail and that forces us all to measure up.

What is the main lesson that your grandfather, Pedro Rivero Mercado, left you?

The hard and honest work, the loyalty and always remain firm in the convictions, and that there is no money that is worth more than that.

How is Alexandra? from mom?

Delivered, I live for and for my children, but I am also strict.

you are known to have a strong character.

It is strong when it touches and soft when it deserves (laughs). I know how to defend myself and defend mine.

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