Alegre and Estigarribia want to build a new homeland

Alegre and Estigarribia want to build a new homeland

Hugo Estigarribia held a meeting with Efraín Alegre about the possibility of integrating with an important group of Colorados and the construction of a political force for a new political model in Paraguay.

The intention of the meeting between Hugo Estigarribia and Efraín Alegre was to overcome the Colorado/Liberal antagonism and try to divide the country into sectors and colors. “The issues we have are urgent in Paraguay, drug politics, drug trafficking, money laundering, smuggling, which put the country in a terrible reputation internationally. We are close to a failed state if we continue on this path, this merits the coming together of all the people who can generate positive changes for Paraguay regardless of colors,” Estigarribia told Radio Monumental.

He went on to explain that Alegre told him how he is working, how he is organizing himself. “We have an important group of Colorados where we are in a critical position, because their popular mandate ended last year, they extended it through a convention until the end of this year, something illegitimate, and on the other hand, the management that this government gave during these five years and the previous one too, and this is now sparking accusations of illicit enrichment, alleged from the previous president, and it shames us Republicans,” Estigarribia remarked.

On the other hand, the candidate for the Vice Presidency of the Republic said that he was at the launch of Kattya González’s book. “There was Euclides Acevedo, Katty González, Esperanza Martínez, Martín Burt, many forget that Bernardino Caballero said, first the country and then the party, that republicanism comes from the founding of the Colorado Party, what happens is that they see the bad side of the party and they forget that Bernardino Caballero who agreed with the liberals, we are taking a step for a country to move forward definitively”.
“For the presidential duo, it is presented as an agreement with an integrated sheet, president and vice president, and there if what is speculated could happen if it is that it advances later, and yes, there is very good harmony between Efraín and I, we agree on the big issues and also in the harsh criticism of the mafia, smuggling, narco-politics and the main actors of these activities presumably”, he pointed out.

For the former senator, the red intern is very bloody, “I would not call it a republican hug, but a gangster one. Just as Argaña spoke in his moment of gangster fight, good gangster hug to continue banditry. That is what they have done with the Itaipu secret act when there was pardon to continue banditry and they have also done to come to power and continue profiting from power”.

“They calculate that 37% of Colorados would no longer be there to vote for their party. We are talking about 800,000 colorados, a number that remains for the pirates who took the party. The colorado is much more critical, because he is using and misusing his name for private purposes, for banditry. That outrages him and can be reflected in a vote for a concertation that has a clear program, a clear project, that is a project that changes the country” added Estigarribia.

In the same way, according to the former senator, those who are going to vote are the hard votes, of public officials, of the Central Government, of Governments and municipalities that need to maintain their salaries and positions, but even “many of them in the fourth dark they are ready to vote”.

“I think that a new Paraguay is coming and we have to work for it, tolerate each other, manage our differences and enhance our coincidences. It is an unprecedented step as I tell you, it is not usual for a Colorado and a Liberal having lunch together, designing a model of the country. I think that is building a new homeland”, concluded Hugo Estigarribia.

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