Fernández adelantó "conversaciones" en el G20 por la guerra para "encontrar soluciones"

Alberto Fernandez: "I don’t believe in the bipolar world"

Alberto Fernández claimed Argentine sovereignty.

President Alberto Fernández said this Wednesday that “The United States is very concerned about what China can do in Latin America”, but “we have no preference for China or the United States” because, he said, “I don’t believe in the bipolar world.”

“China has supported us a lot in recent years with public works, if the help came from Europe or the United States it would also be welcome, like Chinese investment. I don’t believe in the bipolar world. The southern hemisphere suffered from the cold war and I don’t want another bipolar world,” said the president when speaking in a series of videoconferences of The Financial Times.

Fernández also assured that “are all fantasies” the versions of the installation of Chinese military bases in the south of the country and asserted that Argentina is “a sovereign country”.

“That that China is putting military bases in Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, are all fantasies, all that does not exist. There can be no Chinese, nor (North) American, nor French bases. We are a sovereign country,” said the President.

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