Alberto Fernández calls for the end of the war in Ukraine and the blockade against Cuba and Venezuela

the president of ArgentinaAlberto Fernández, called this Tuesday to “impose dialogue” to end the war in Ukraine and asked that the economic blockades on Venezuela and Cuba cease.

“We must recover the empire of peace. It is imperative that all unleashed hostilities cease. We need to work together to impose dialogue and restore peace in the dispute that began with the military advance of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine,” Fernández said when speaking before the General Assembly of the UN which takes place in New York.

Fernández also questioned the “unilateral measures of coercion” and recalled that the only legitimate sanctions are those imposed by the United Nations Security Council.

“By virtue of this, Argentina joins the demand of the peoples of Cuba and Venezuela to lift the blockades that those nations suffer,” said Fernández, who currently chairs the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).


He thanked the “solidarity” with Argentina expressed by “the whole world” in the face of “the assassination attempt” suffered on September 1 by Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández, when a man tried to fire a weapon against the person who ruled the country between 2007 and 2015.

He argued that the attempt to assassinate the vice president affected “public tranquility” and sought to “alter the virtuous collective construction” of democracy.

“Taking advantage of the unease generated by the pandemic and the economic effects of the war, extremist and violent discourses proliferated and found fertile ground to sow anti-political sentiment in our societies,” he warned.

For this reason, he advocated “generating an energetic global rejection of those who promote division” in societies.


The Argentine president questioned the global economic inequality caused by “an accumulation model that concentrates income in a few while millions remain submerged in poverty.”

“The injustices that we observe will only worsen if extreme positions are installed, if wars are sustained over time, deepening hunger, and if persistent inflation ends up corroding the income of the weakest sectors,” he asserted.

He also warned that it is not possible “to go through this time with famines” as a result of high world inflation that “is to the detriment of the most neglected.”

In another section of his speech, he warned about the phenomenon of climate change and the need for “firm and determined action” to deal with it.

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“We are not all equally responsible for the climate crisis. Neither Latin America and the Caribbean nor Africa are in the first line of carbon emissions. Responsibilities must be differentiated and this requires relieving the effort of those who were not guilty in the emergency, ”he said.


In the final part of his speech, Fernández reiterated the request to the international community to advance in the investigation of the 1994 attack against the AMIA Jewish mutual insurance company in Buenos Aires.

“Once again, we urge the Islamic Republic of Iran to cooperate with the Argentine judicial authorities to advance the investigation of the AMIA attack. We also urge the international community to avoid receiving or sheltering any of the accused, even when they enjoy diplomatic immunity,” he said.

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Fernández also reiterated Argentina’s claim to sovereignty over the Malvinas, an archipelago in the South Atlantic under British domination and for which the United Kingdom and the South American country fought a war in 1982.

The Argentine president denounced that the United Kingdom “persists in its attitude of ignoring the call” of the United Nations to resume negotiations regarding the territorial dispute.

“Furthermore, he aggravated the controversy by his call for the illegal exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources in the area. He also insists on the unjustified and excessive military presence on the islands that does nothing but bring tension to a region of peace”, he said.

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