Alberto Fernández asked for respect for the "independence of powers"

Alberto Fernández asked for respect for the "independence of powers"

The President expressed himself on social networks.

President Alberto Fernandez called this wednesday combat “racism, discrimination and intolerance”on the occasion of Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity which is celebrated every October 12, and targeted “some province” where Justice “has been subjected to political power”, in order to “stigmatize people” and “eliminate” opponents from the political scene.

“Today we commemorate Cultural Diversity, which is a fact, a right and a source of pride for our land. Racism, discrimination and intolerance are still present in all societies and we will continue to fight them”Fernandez wrote on his Twitter account.

The president pointed out that this date consists of “an opportunity to reflect on the unjust history that the original peoples in Argentina suffered and continue to suffer“, and also to “promote dialogue between all and to ensure the full validity of the National Constitution.”

In this sense, he recalled article 75, paragraph 17 of the Magna Carta, which recognizes “the ethnic and cultural pre-existence of the Argentine indigenous peoples.”

And he quoted: “Ensuring the respect for their identity and the right to a bilingual and intercultural education; recognize the legal personality of their communities, and the communal possession and ownership of the lands they traditionally occupy; and regulate the delivery of others suitable and sufficient for human development (…). Ensure their participation in the management of their natural resources and other interests that affect them.”

“Coexistence between cultures and creative cooperation should guide us in Argentina, Latin America and the world,” said the President.

In addition, he stressed: “Compliance with our Constitution is also not join campaigns that seek to stigmatize people or populations because of their culture, political thought or origin. In a rule of law, the constitutional norms that also demand the independence of powers must be respected.

Along these lines, he pointed out that “unfortunately some provinces of our country show examples where Justice has been subjected to political power,” and in some areas of the country the Judiciary “has served to stigmatize people, deprive them of their liberty, disregarding the rules of the due process and eliminate opponents from the political scene”.

“In order to fully respect our Constitution, we will continue to build a fair, egalitarian, intercultural Argentina in which human rights are respected,” Fernández completed.

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