Albert Fernandez: "My great enemy is Macri"

Albert Fernandez: "My great enemy is Macri"

(Photo: Julian Alvarez).

President Alberto Fernández maintained this Wednesday that su “great adversary” and his “great enemy” is former president Mauricio Macri and stated that his goal is “to ensure that neoliberalism never again governs Argentina.”

“My great adversary and my great enemy is Macri. I have only one goal to achieve and that is that neoliberalism never again governs Argentinaand that was Macri,” the President said in an interview with the German broadcaster DW in Spanish.

The President was consulted by polls according to which the electorate maintains that they would prefer former presidents Macri and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as candidates.

“You spoke of re-election, where are you going to get the votes from then?” journalist Jenny Pérez asked him.

“The votes are going to leave Argentina, but my problem is not my re-election but to see how we get Argentina out of that place“, replied the president and added: “I would trust a little less in the polls that are highly manipulated.”

“I have not disappointed part of my electorate, I do not think such a thing, that is what some say,” Fernández said, considering that “the pandemic greatly affected the Argentine population; The world was a victim of the pandemic and the cause is not from the government but from the pandemic.”

Interview in “DW Noticias Español”


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