Alba Nely Familia elected member of the IAPA Board of Directors

Alba Nely Familia elected member of the IAPA Board of Directors

The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) selected the Dominican journalist Alba Nely Family to integrate its Board of Directors during the period 2022-23.

family, director of CDN and CDN Radio, is a member of this council made up of prominent directors of the Ibero-American media empowered to establish the regulations and approve the necessary measures for the direction of the affairs of the organization par excellence dedicated to defending freedom of expression and of the press in all the Americas.

The election of Alba Nely Familia in one of the vacancies on the Board of Directors occurred after the vote held during the 78th General Assembly of the organization, held in Madrid, Spain.

IAPA Board of Directors

Along with Family, the Board of Directors is made up of Juan Lorenzo Holmann Chamorro (Nicaragua), Cynthia Hudson (USA), Martín Etchevers (Argentina), Ivett Chcas (USA), Anand Persaud (Guyana), Soledad Álvarez (Spain), Andrés Mompotes (Colombia) and Washington Beltran (Uruguay). Likewise, Carlos Jornet (Argentina), Asdrúbal Aguiar (Venezuela), María Eugenia Mohme (Peru), María Catalina Saieh (Chile), José Rubén Zamora Marroquín (Guatemala) and Armando Castilla (Mexico).

Luciano Pasco Rippei (Mexico), Fernán Saguier (Argentina) and Marcel Granier (Venezuela) also make up the IAPA’s Board of Directors. Together with them Ernesto Kraiselburd (Argentina), Luz María Sierra (Colombia), Alfonso Ospina (Colombia) and Diana Domínguez Wilson-Smith (Paraguay).

New Authorities

The Inter-American Press Association also chose its new authorities for the 2022-2023 period during the closing of the 78th union assembly. Michael Greenspon (USA) will serve as chair. While the vice-presidency will be exercised by Roberto Rock (Mexico) as first vice-president and José Roberto Dutriz (El Salvador) in the second vice-presidency.

Together with them, María Eugenia Mohme (Peru) will be in the Secretariat. Juan Pablo Illanes (Chile) in the Treasury and Gabriela Vivanco in the Executive Presidency. Likewise, Jorge Canahuati as chairman of the Nominations Committee, Ernesto Kraiselburd (Argentina) as chairman of the Press Institute commission and Gilberto Urdaneta (Venezuela) as chairman of the Scholarships commission.

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