El jefe de bancada de CC, Carlos Alarcón

Alarcón considers the “coup I” case “sloppy” and accuses prosecutors of submitting to Evo

July 7, 2022, 10:06 AM

July 7, 2022, 10:06 AM

Carlos Alarcón, head of the Citizen Community (CC), who went on Tuesday to testify before the Prosecutor’s Office as a witness in the “coup I” case, described the process as “sloppy” and accused the prosecutors commission of submitting to the orders of Evo Morales.

In an interview with ‘Influencers’ of EL DEBER Radio, the deputy considered that answer some of the questions asked by the Public Ministry would lead to incriminating “innocents”, which is why he excused himself from answering the 100 questions asked by the investigators.

“They seek to obtain a veneer of legitimacy, they seek to obtain statements under the label of witnesses, to obtain illicit evidence to incriminate innocents, I have not answered any of the questions and I have told the prosecutors to their facesbecause if one answers, that will be used to incriminate innocent people and criminalize citizen protests”, he said.

He confirmed that he will present a complaint against the head of the MAS for abandonment of functions and breach of dutiesfor leaving the country without the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) considering his resignation, in October 2019.

The interview:

“When any president presents a resignation, he has to wait for the Assembly to accept it, in the meantime, he has to be in command of the State, so that the convulsion does not occur, as it did, they escaped, with hasty maneuver to unleash social upheaval”, he stated.

He regretted that he was summoned to testify after announcing the accusation against the coca grower leader and confirmed that he was at the meeting on October 12, in the pacification days that were installed at the Catholic University of Bolivia (UCB) in La Paz.

“I was at the meeting on October 12, as an elected deputy, and what caught my attention from the interrogation of witnesses that these prosecutors ask, is that there were 100 questions, related to the trial for terrorism, which is taking hostages, planting bombs , and there were no questions related to that criminal type, they were about the meetings at the Catholic University, that for the prosecutors is to commit terrorism, that is nonsense, it is a botched job, it cannot go through the mind that in that meeting they meet with the alleged victims to plan terrorist acts,” he reiterated.

Alarcón considers the process a “pantomime” and confirmed that the assumption of Jeanine Áñez was constitutional, because Adriana Salvatierra and Susana Rivero resigned. “They are accomplices of that (of the convulsion), That did not work for him because Jeanine Áñez was in the line of constitutional succession and that was the unforeseen event that they did not take into account,” he concluded.

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