There was already 'white smoke' in the health reform project

Alami asks the Colombian government to protect the health system

Within the framework of the health reform that the government proposed Gustavo Petro and that this week has been seen to falter, the The Latin American Association of Private Health Systems (Alami) spoke on the initiative.

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From Alami they ask the National Government protect the Colombian health system, in that senseconsider that primary health care should be strengthened and take up what was said by Fedevelopment, where it is observed that the current system has achieved wide coverage and must be protected.

The Government of Colombia must protect the system. It is not possible, nor is it logical to discard the development achieved. Alami supports all reforms that protect financial stability“. In this sense, they consider that this coverage can be seen at risk with the Executive’s project.

So, “all health reform must be sustainable over time, this is a requirement to ensure success in a reform“.

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They also consider that public-private articulation must be worked to guarantee access to health. In addition, they made reference to the fact that the social determinants of health should be reviewed, because if there are 30,000 people who do not have water, an EPS cannot be asked to solve it, it is the State that must guarantee access to water.

On the other hand, they consider thatThe EPS should continue with the assurancebecause thanks to this, the coverage that is reflected in the Dane Quality of Life survey has been achieved.


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