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November 8, 2022
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Akamine anticipates that they managed to reduce the census deadlines and will discuss the results of the work tables tomorrow

Akamine anticipates that they managed to reduce the census deadlines and will discuss the results of the work tables tomorrow

November 7, 2022, 23:58 PM

November 7, 2022, 23:58 PM

The technical delegation from Santa Cruz together with the teams from the other regions managed to show that it can be reduced in up to nine months the calendar deadlines that the INE has for the Population Census, these conclusions of the tables will be debated tomorrow in the plenary that will start at 08:00.

Jorge Akamine, delegate of Santa Cruz in Trinidad

“We are talking about five to six months shortening the schedules established by the INE, that is on the one hand, on the other hand we have the issue of trainingit has been possible to save or rather reduce a time of two months, considering that in this process comes what is training and what is recruitment; and in the census ballot It is estimated to have a reduction in time between 20 days to a month”, reported, at the conclusion of the meeting, the delegate from Santa Cruz, Jorge Akamine.

This Monday three technical tables were installed: one for cartographic updating, the other for training and the third on the census ballot, the three tables concluded their work, however, given the schedule, It was agreed that the meeting be resumed tomorrow from 08:00.

The Government had reported in the afternoon that “for the time being” the INE calendar was maintained that raises the registration until July 2024, with the work of the technical tables it can be brought forward until October 2023, if the nine months mentioned by one of those responsible for the Santa Cruz team are reduced.

Akamine, said that the declarations of national authorities that ratified the year 2024 as the census they alter the work of the tables that work in a methodical way and with technical arguments, and recalled that it was the president, Luis Arce, who recommended that the date of the census be left open and that is why proposals are being presented to reduce times.

Unfortunately, these statements they do not help much in the atmosphere inside the tablesI believe that just as they have a position, we believe that the date has to be built and that is what is being worked on with great care and dedication by the different technicians in the country”, lamented Akamine.

The Deputy Minister of Planning, David Guachalla, had stated in the afternoon that the different delegations they couldn’t show that you could lower the times and that for the moment the census time in 2024 remained unchanged.

Akamine said that the proposals of the native-indigenous governments are taken into account because of the time issue. According to these authorities, they did not accept that the registration be carried out at the end or beginning of the year due to the rainy season and the president, Luis Arce, said that this technical committee must take into account that all citizens must be registered and not exclude anyone, whether for climatic or migration reasons.

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