Aircraft seize two containers with more than a thousand packages of drugs that were going to Spain

A total of 1,047 packages of alleged drugs were seized through an anti-drug operation carried out by the National Aeronaval Service. The illicit substances were in two containers in a port area of ​​the capital city and were transported in the containerized cargo modality.

The authorities detailed that the first container had Algeciras, Spain as its final destination and came from Manzanillo, Mexico, this shipment was in transit through Panama.

While the second container also came from Manzanillo, Mexico, transshipment port Antwerp, Belgium, in transit through Panama and also had Algeciras, Spain as its final destination.

In coordination with the Panamanian Drug Prosecutor’s Office, the search and search of the 02 containers was carried out.

During the period from 2022 to date, the National Aeronaval Service, through the execution of *124* operations, has achieved the total confiscation of 85,482 packages of illegal substances.

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