Aid Brazil: banks cannot charge fees, says minister

Aid Brazil: banks cannot charge fees, says minister

The Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Vieira Bento, said today (30), in Brasília, that financial institutions cannot charge any type of fee, whether administrative or credit opening, for families that adhere to the Auxílio Brasil payroll loan. In an interview with the program Repórter Brasil, on TV Brasil, he also highlighted that the interest ceiling to be charged is 3.5% per month.Aid Brazil: banks cannot charge fees, says minister

“The payroll loan came to advise families in this moment of social recovery that the country is going through [no] post-pandemic. Mainly, for exchanging an often expensive debt for a debt with cheaper interest. These families, who find themselves in debt, sometimes paying credit card interest rates of up to 20% per month, will now be able to exchange this expensive debt for cheap debt,” he explained.

Payroll loan

Another possibility, according to the minister, is that families that receive Auxílio Brasil and that opt ​​for the payroll loan use the resource to undertake, since the program now allows beneficiaries to set up, for example, individual microenterprises without losing the benefit.

“With this new payroll benefit, the family is able to buy equipment to continue their production. Many self-employed professionals who, during the pandemic, had their income harmed, often reaching zero and prevented from earning their livelihood, now, with this payroll loan tool, will be able to resume their work activity ”, he argued.

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